Update: Arrests made in connection to Paris attacks

BRUSSELS (KUSI) — Friday 11:20 a.m. — A raid in Brussels Friday have led to the arrest of key suspects in both the Nov. 13 Paris attacks and the March 22 Brussels attacks, further linking the two.

One suspect, Mohamed Abrini, is believed to be the “man in the hat” pictured with two other suspects at the airport in Brussels on March 22. He was sought by French police, suspected of driving those involved in the Paris Terror attacks and was the last identified suspect still at large in connection to the Paris attacks.

Eric Van der Sypt, spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said Abrini was one of the two people arrested on the raids in Brussels Friday. Osama Krayem was the other. Abrini was one of Europe’s most wanted and considered “armed and dangerous.”

The arrest means authorities have captured two people—the other being Salah Abdeslam—who have played a direct role in the Paris attacks that killed 130 people. Abdeslam was arrested last month, just days before the Brussels terror attacks.

Belgian federal prosecutor’s office confirmed “several arrests” but did not provide more information. A second arrest made Friday could also be linked to the subway bombing that killed 16 people in Maelbeek, Belgium.

3/30/16 — Salah Abdeslam, who was arrested last week in connection to the Paris terror attacks, is no longer cooperating with Belgian police and wants to be extradited to France, his lawyer Sven Mary said.

Investigators believe that Abdeslam is also linked to the terror attacks in Brussels that have left at least 31 dead although he was arrested just days before the attacks occurred.

Abdeslam was being hunted as one of the last men-at-large wanted for the terror attacks in Paris last November. He was found in a police raid by police in Molenbeek, Brussels last Friday. 

3/18/16 10:20 p.m. – One of the main suspects in last year’s Paris attacks has been captured. Salah Abdeslam was wounded but caught in a raid by police in Molenbeek, Brussels, CNN reports. Two French police officials spoke anonymously on the high-profile operation as they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. 

Officials discovered fingerprints belonging to Abdeslam in a Brussels apartment in another raid earlier in the week. He had been at large for four months following the attacks. 

Thursday night, French President Francois Hollande said an important police operation was underway in Brussels in connection with the Paris attacks. Gunshots were heard in the vicinity, according to Belgian media. No other details were released. 

11/13/15 2:24 p.m. — The people of France came together in solidarity Friday morning to mourn the victims of the terrorists attacks in Paris.

President Francois Hollande led the ceremony at a complex that houses Napoleon’s tomb.

Across France, people flew the national flags in memory of the victims.

Their families and people who survived the attack were the gusts of honor at the ceremony.

One hundred and thirty people were killed in terrorist attacks two weeks ago and more than 350 others were wounded. 

11/24/2015 — Less than two weeks after the deadly Paris terror attacks, French President Francois Hollande is in Washington.

He hoes to build support for an international coalition against ISIS.

President Hollande said the first call he received from a world leader the night of the Paris attacks was from President Obama.

The two leaders met at the White House Tuesday.

The meeting with Obama comes in the same week Hollande is meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Hollande is trying to put together an international coalition to go after ISIS.

President Obama said the U.S. will be part of that alliance.

"This is an important moment for our nations and for the world. This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL or Daesh, and its murderous ideology, pose a serious threat to all of us.  It cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed and we must do it together. We will not allow those who want to destroy what we’ve built. We will not allow them to do it, to destroy what we’ve built generation after generation. They will not be able to damage the world and against ISIS we need a joint response, an inplagueable joint response," Obama said.

In the meantime, authorities have released the name and photo of another suspect in connection to the Paris terror attacks.

Police said Mohamed Abrini was driving with fugitive Salah Abdeslam at a gas station two days before the attacks.

The search for the two suspects is now expanding into Germany.

11/23/2015 — Streets were roped off in a Paris suburb Monday after authorities received reports of a possible suicide vest in a garbage can.

According to CNN, Paris police said that the item, which resembled a suicide vest, contained bolts and TATP, the same explosive found in the suicide belts used by Paris attackers.

BMFTV, a CNN affiliate, reported that suspect Salah Abdeslam’s cell phone was tracked to the area soon after the attacks.

"The big question is going to be: Is this the suicide vest that Salah Abdeslam was tasked to use?" CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said.

It is believed that Abdeslam is using a support network in Belgium to escape capture. French officials have said it would be impossible for Abdeslam to still be on the loose without major help.

French officials said that raids in Belgium on Sunday and Monday, in which 21 people were detained in several locations, targeted individuals suspected of a role in the network that organized the attacks.

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According to CNN, the search for Abdeslam has expanded to the Netherlands, where he is reported to have spent time in the past.

In the meantime, cities all around the world are on high alert. 

According to CNN, the FBI is closely monitoring people who they believe could pose a possible threat to carry out copycat attacks in the United States.

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FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch said currently there is no relationship between any of the Paris attackers and people in the states.

11/19/2015 — In a statement released Thursday, the Paris prosecutor’s office said that Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s body was found in the Saint-Denis building riddled with bullets.

Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader in 4 of 6 recent terror attacks, was at first believed to not have been killed in the raid.

The office later found he was positively identified using papillary prints, which include patterns on fingers, palms and the soles of the feet.

The apartment building was reduced to rubble after explosives and a hail of bullets made the carnage difficult to investigate. 

Speaking Thursday about Abaaoud’s demise in the Saint-Denis raid, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said, "The target was achieved."

11/18/2015 — A New ISIS video released Wednesday suggests that New York is the next big city on its target list.

This is the second U.S. city ISIS has threatened in just the past few days.

Images from the video show what appears to be an explosive device, a man putting it on and hiding it up under his leather jacket.

That is followed by an image of Harold Square in New York City. 

Washington D.C. was mentioned in another ISIS video on Monday.

In the meantime, French Police said an overnight raid on an apartment came right on time, because suspects were about to move on some kind of terrorist operation.

Instead, eight people were detained and two suspected terrorists were killed.

Tuesday night, French and Belgian police picked up on a telephone wiretap leading them to an apartment in a northern suburb. The wiretap suggested a relative of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected Belgian ISIS ringleader of Friday’s attacks, was inside the apartment.

Police said one of the suspected terrorists, a woman, was wearing a suicide vest and blew herself up.

Officials said they will use DNA analysis to determine who was killed.

And another development in Honduras, police said they detained five Syrian men traveling with fake green passports, claiming they were refugees.

"These citizens will be investigated. Do we have information that they had passports that were stolen in Greece? Yes. Their destination was Honduras. Next they were traveling to Tegucigalpa, by air to San Pedro Sula, and then, supposedly in illegal transit they were headed to the United States," said Anibal Baca, spokesman for the Honduras Police Investigation Unit.

Honduras is a common route for migrants trying to reach the United States.

And back to Paris, when it’s well after midnight and so far it’s quiet, except for the hundreds of police on duty, working with investigators still looking for the mastermind of the Paris attacks.

11:27 p.m. — Two terrorists and a civilian were reportedly killed in Paris after police were involved in a SWAT standoff with suspects from Friday’s deadly attacks, according to CNN.

French officials reported that two people were taken into custody, but no additional information was provided.

Two officers were injured during the standoff, but their condition was unknown. 

9:00 p.m. — According to The Associated Press, French police were involved in SWAT standoff in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis with suspects they believe are linked to the deadly Paris attacks.

Several men are holed up in an apartment, exchanging gunfire with the officers. 

Several police have been injured, but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Tuesday 11/17/2015 — The fear left over from the attacks in Paris is spreading throughout the world.

Tuesday, it was a terrorist scare at a huge soccer stadium in Germany and now French leaders say, not one, but two terrorists from last Friday’s attack are still on the loose.

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It is clearly not over.

A scheduled soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled just an hour before kickoff Tuesday.

According to German media, the French alerted German federal police to an Iraqi sleeper call who French intelligence said made plans to attack using an ambulance filled with explosives. 

The stadium was evacuated, but no bombs were found.

Also French said, it launched more airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. The defense ministry said ten plans dropped 16 bombs in and around Raqqa.

The attacks in Paris are also sparking a series of raids, arrests and detentions in France and Belgium.

The search is still on for 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to be one of the masterminds behinds the Paris attacks.

His brother is speaking out, saying his family is absolutely shocked and had no idea he had been radicalized.

He gave his first TV interview Tuesday and was asked what message he had for his brother.  

"I would tell him to surrender. That’s the best solution. To contact the authorities. I know it must be difficult to watch on TV some, some actions to try and find him, and you can see that some of these actions to find him are impressive. But, he must not be afraid to surrender, to explain," said Mohamed Abdeslam.

U.S. officials said none of the people identified so far are on any U.S. watch list, so they could have traveled to the U.S. without raising any alarms.

But now the CIA and the FBI are on high alert after ISIS released a video Monday claiming more attacks are being planned.

The terror group said Washington D.C. is next.

The Marine Corps is also sending additional embassy security guards to Paris. They arrived in France Monday.

10:09 p.m. – President Francois Hollande declared Monday that "France is at war," according to CNN.

Hollande proposed a new set of laws and more spending on public safety in response to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, but not, he said, at the expense of his country’s freedom.

In addition to these new safety measure, President Hollande also asked for a extension of the nation’s state of emergency to three months.

According to CNN, he said France would intensify its attacks on ISIS and called for a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss the worldwide threat posed by the group.

"We are not committed to a war of civilizations, because these assassins don’t represent any civilization," Hollande said. "We are in a war against terrorism, Jihadism, which threatens the whole world."

"Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it," Hollande said.

At the same time, ISIS released another propaganda video Monday, aiming their next attack at the United States.

"I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington," an ISIS fighter declared in the video.

Monday 8:20 p.m. — Just days after the deadly attacks in Paris, the names of the victims have begun circulating.

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The list will be updated as names become available. 

  1. Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, USA
  2. Michelle Gil Jaimes
  3. Guillaume B. Decherf, France
  4. Valentin Ribet, 26, France
  5. Nick Alexander, 36, UK
  6. Djamila Houd, 41, France
  7. Asta Diakite, France
  8. Thomas Ayad, 32, France
  9. Mohamed Amine Benmbarek, Morocco
  10. Lola Salines, France
  11. Fabrice Dubois, France
  12. François-Xavier Prévost, 29, France
  13. Elodie Breuil, 23, France
  14. Elsa Delplace, Chile
  15. Patricia San Martin, 55, Chile
  16. Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, 35, Chile
  17. Juan Alberto González Garrido, 29, Spain
  18. Cedric Mauduit, France
  19. Mathieu Hoche, France
  20. Manuel Dias, 63, Portugal
  21. Quentin Boulenger, 29, France
  22. Halima Saadi and Houda Saadi, Tunisia
  23. Aurélie de Peretti, 33, France
  24. Marie Lausch, France
  25. Mathias Dymarski, France
  26. Milko Jozic and Elif Dogan, Belgium
  27. Kheireddine Sahbi, 29, Algeria
  28. Maxime Bouffard, 26, France
  29. Ionut Ciprian Calciu and Mariana Lacramioara Pop, Romania
  30. Nicolas Classeau, France
  31. Germain Ferey, 36, France
  32. Manu Perez, France
  33. Précilia Correia, France
  34. Quentin Mourier, 29, France
  35. Pierro Innocenti, 40, France
  36. Stephane Albertini, France
  37. Fanny Minot, France
  38. Anne and Pierre Yves Guyomard, France
  39. Valeria Solesin, 28, Venice
  40. Romain Dunay, 28
  41. Romain Didier, France
  42. Claire Camax, 35, France
  43. Christophe Lelluche, France
  44. Alban Denuit, 32, France
  45. Thomas Duperron, 30, France
  46. Matthieu Giroud, 39
  47. Justine Moulin, 23, France
  48. Marie Mosser, France
  49. Grégory Fosse, 28, France
  50. Caroline Prénat, 24, France
  51. Hugo Sarrade, 23, France
  52. Lucie Dietrich, France
  53. Hélène Muyal-Leiris, France
  54. Ludovic Boumbas, 40, France
  55. Romain Feuillade, 31, France
  56. Cédric Gomet, 30, France
  57. Hyacinthe Koma, 34, France
  58. Guillaume Le Dramp, 33, France
  59. Renaud Le Guen, 29, France
  60. Bertrand Navarret, 37, France
  61. Sébastien Proisy, 38, France
  62. Véronique Geoffroy de Bourgies, 54, France
  63. David Perchirin, 45, France
  64. Victor Muñoz, 25, France/Spain
  65. Anna and Marion Pétard Lieffrieg, 24 and 30, France
  66. Thibault Rousse Lacordaire, 37, France
  67. Pierre-Antonie Henry, France
  68. Estelle Rouat, 25, France
  69. Antoine Mary, 34, France
  70. Ariane Theiller, 23, France
  71. Armelle Pumir Anticevic, 46, France
  72. Anne-Laure Arruebo, 36, France
  73. Émilie and Charlotte Meaud, 30, France
  74. Chloe Boissinot, 25, France

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Sunday 11:22 a.m. — French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, on Sunday in what officials described as a major bombardment, according to Tim Lister and Nick Paton Walsh of CNN.

French officials reported Sunday that the death toll following the terror attacks in Paris, France has reached 129 people, across six targeted locations throughout the city.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. — ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks that rocked Paris, France Friday.

The group’s claim of responsibility appeared in Arabic and French in an online statement circulated by IS supporters, according to the Associated Press, but officials are working to authenticate the statement.

It is reported that eight ISIS militants were wearing explosive belts and armed with machine guns attacked precisely selected areas in the French capital.

A Syrian passport was found near the body of an attacker outside the Stade de France, according to French media.

The death toll is estimated at about 128 people, but that number is expected to fluctuate as the situation becomes clearer. In addition to those killed, 180 others were injured, according to the Paris Police Prefecture. More than half of them are in critical condition.

CNN reported that President Francois Hollande is calling these attacks an "act of war." 

"When the terrorists are capable of doing such acts, they must know that they will face a France very determined," President Hollande stated. 

8:48 p.m. — According to The Associated Press, President Obama spoke with French President Francois Hollande on the phone and offered the condolences of the American people for the attacks in Paris.

U.S. officials said that 70 U.S. citizens currently known to be in France have not yet been accounted for, although no Americans have been reported killed in Friday’s attacks, AP reported. 

7:00 p.m. — The head of Paris police says they believe all attackers are dead, but searches continue for possible accomplices. 

6:08 p.m. — French media reports that 5 suspected attackers have been "neutralized," but a number remain at large. 

4:52 p.m. — Death toll has risen to at least 118 people, according to Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman.

"Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists."

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mayor Kevin Faulconer tweeted the following in response to the attacks in Paris:

"Our prayers tonight are with the people of Paris," he said. "Although there are no credible threats in San Diego, local law enforcement is closely monitoring this situation, coordinating with state and federal authorities, and taking all necessary precautions. "We ask everyone to remain vigilant and if you see something, say something.”

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PARIS, FRANCE (KUSI) – 4:17 p.m. – At least 100 people were killed in the Bataclan Theatre alone. The death toll is expected to rise.

According to the director of the UC San Diego Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation, the attacks are likely the work of the Islamic State, but ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility.

"If you look at the targets, none of them have any political significance," economics professor Eli Berman told City News Service. "They’re just civilians — kids at a rock concert, Cambodian restaurant, people at a soccer game."

With a possible fourth target of a cafe, it appears to be "arbitrary violence," Berman said. He stressed that his views were based on preliminary information coming out of France.

4:00 p.m. —  The Associated Press reported siege at the concert hall with hostages is over and at least 2 attackers were killed.

3:43 p.m. — French security forces are storming the Bataclan Theatre where hostages are being held. 

Latest updates per CNN:

  • French radio reporter Julien Pearce was inside the Bataclan Theatre when gunmen entered. He described two men dressed in black started shooting what he said were AK-47.
    • "We lied down on the floor not to get hurt. It was a huge panic. The terrorists shot at us for 10 to 15 minutes. It was a bloodbath." Julien Pearce didn’t hear the attackers speak, but he said one friend who escaped heard them talk about Iraq and Syria. Later, he said the men were speaking French. Two men dressed in black started shooting and after wounded people fell to the floor, the gunmen shot them again, execution-style, he said.
  • One of the explosions at the Stade de France outside Paris appears to be a suicide bombing, a Western intelligence source receiving direct intelligence from the scene told CNN’s Deb Feyerick. A dismembered body, consistent with the aftermath of an explosion from that type of device, was found at the scene, the source said.
  • The Paris prefecture of police is instructing residents to stay home. Residents were to stay inside "unless there’s an absolute necessity."
  • French authorities have launched a terrorism investigation, Eric Pelletier, a reporter with Le Pariesien, tells CNN Paul Cruickshank. While there has been no official claim of responsibility, ISIS has applauded the attacks on Twitter.

The local San Diego band that was performing at the Bataclan Theatre is still involved in the Paris attacks.

"Eagles of Death Metal" was scheduled to take the stage Friday at Le Bataclan for a sold-out show, according to the theatre’s website. The band was in the midst of a European tour in support of its fourth album, which was released last month.

The mother of drummer Julian Dorio told the Washington Post that her son and his fellow bandmates escaped the concert hall when the attack began, but the fate of several crew members was unknown.

"It was awful,” Mary Lou Dorio told the newspaper, adding that her son called his wife from a police station.

3:00 p.m. – French President Hollande declares state of emergency and has ordered the borders be closed until further notice.

2:44 p.m. – President Obama spoke publicly about the attacks in Paris.

"Once again we see an outrageous attempt to terrifying innocent civilians," he said. 

Obama said that France is one of the oldest allies of the United States and that he is prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance the people of France need.

"This is an attack not just on Paris … this is an attack on all of humanity and the values that we share," he said. 

"We want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism."

2:32 p.m. – CNN reports 60 people are dead and 100 are being held hostage.

2:28 p.m. – CNN reports that a person who is in contact with someone inside the Bataclan Theatre said that six to eight hostage-takers were going through the concert venue looking for people who might be hiding.

CNN’s Jim Bitterman — who is based in Paris — said police are firing into the theatre from a rooftop location.

More details on the attack per CNN: 

  • At least six shootings took place in Paris and three explosions took place at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis late Friday, CNN affiliate BFMTV said. Two or three gunmen entered the Bataclan concert hall while opening fire on law enforcement. 
    • There have been reports of screams and gunfire from inside the Paris Concert Hall. 
  • At least 15 people were killed in shooting attacks in Paris late Friday and three others were killed following several explosions at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, west of Paris, Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN. 
  • According to BFMTV, Hollande, Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve are holding a crisis meeting at the Interior Ministry to address the attacks in Paris and the explosions in Saint-Denis.

The band performing at the Bataclan Theatre — "Eagles of Death Metal" —  is a local group from the Palm Desert area.

1:30 p.m. –  At least 26 people are dead and 60 are being held hostage in a Paris theatre after a series of attacks occurred around the city late Friday night, Paris time.

According to CNN, the incidents happened at the Stade De France during the soccer game between France and Germany, the Bataclan Theatre and at several restaurants in the 10th District.

French media said President Francois Hollande was at the stadium, watching France playing world champions Germany in a friendly soccer match, but he left to go to the Interior Ministry.

During the game’s halftime, a series of explosions went off outside the stadium. Authorities are still searching for the cause of these explosions.

Restaurants in the 10th District were evacuated after there were reports of shots being fired.

Currently, approximately 60 people are being held hostage at the Bataclan Theatre.

The theatre has been surrounded by authorities and French media say they are exchanging gunfire with with police officers. 

Authorities are speculating that these attacks were deliberate and coordinated. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as information becomes available. 

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