Friends react to Musgrove’s magical history-making night

ALPINE (KUSI) – Joe Musgroves’ teammates from Grossmont High School say they aren’t surprised by their friend’s history-making moment in Texas. 

Zach Ambrose said a group of former Grossmont baseball alum now play on a slow-pitch softball team and they paused their game to make sure they didn’t miss a second of the Padres taking on the Rangers.

“I was speechless last night. It was incredible. Everyone is beyond proud of him,” Ambrose said. “He always had an outstanding work ethic, even since high school you could tell, Joe had it.”

Musgrove certainly had it when he made life in San Diego stand still for Friar faithfuls who have been waiting more than 50 years for this moment.

“He always had that little extra push, a team captain and a motivator, but he’s always working hard and getting after it,” Ambrose said. “And then getting into the minor leagues, which is just grueling by itself, and to battle success and failure there — to push through and make it up to the big leagues is absolutely incredible.”

Ambrose described the reaction to that final out Friday night, saying the entire softball complex that was waiting and watching erupted in cheers, chants, and maybe a few tears. Most bars in San Diego looked pretty similar Friday night, but come morning, fans knew just where to go to show their support.

“Joe definitely is the coffee connoisseur and it’s so cool to see the support,” Ambrose said. “You heard, with Joe’s two starts, a little bit from the announcers talking about his family’s coffee shop up there, which is really cool.”

Caffè Adesso in Alpine, right of Interstate 8, is now a Padres destination location with a Friar-inspired menu and a chance to support the Musgrove family.

“We love coffee to begin with so it’s a perfect match of coffee and the Padres,” said life-long Friar faithful Paul Scott. “We got pretty teary eyed about it last night, it’s just years and years and years of them not being very good and then with the expectations that we’ve had this season and for something like this to happen — it’s amazing.”

Aside from the history-making moment, Ambrose said what makes it even more special is the support the entire Musgrove family is receiving from the community.

“Family is something from early on meeting Joe, meant a lot to him,” Ambrose said. “Sometimes after ball games or maybe after school, Mark and Diane, his mom and dad, it was just like an open door. Diane always cooked really good food.”

Ambrose said that to Joe, family is first before anything else and seeing support for his family business would mean a lot to him.

“The Musgroves are an incredible family, it speaks volumes in his work ethic and his incredible story,” Ambrose said. “It just makes me so happy for the entire family, not just Joe’s success but for Mark, Diane, Marissa, and Tara — it’s incredible.”

To support the Musgrove family and get your own cup of Joe, visit Caffè Adesso at 1140 Tavern Rd, Alpine, CA 91901. They’re open Monday through Friday with a menu that even features Joe’s favorite coffee.

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