FULL STORY: SDCCD revokes terminations of unvaccinated, religiously-exempt employees

"The coverage with KUSI was critical in this.." -Professor Tracey Kiser on SDCCD's decision to drop terminations over vaccine mandate

The San Diego Community College School District announced Friday their decision to reverse the terminations of unvaccinated employees with religious exemptions.

KUSI has been covering this story since the beginning.

On January 19th, Lindsey Fukano was live at the SDCCD boardroom during their unanimous termination decision to terminate three unvaccinated employees that had religious exemptions previously approved by the board of trustees.

“KUSI responded, and said they were going to send out Lindsey and a cameraman tomorrow, we will cover this, and that in itself was a miracle, that’s what started the whole thing. When those board of trustees members and the chancellor walked in, they could not take their eyes off the fact that Lindsey and a cameraman were standing in the hallway. That shook them to their core,” said San Diego Miramar College Professor Rich Halliday.

The district says they will now accomodate employees, by no longer firing them over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and will begin the reinstatement process.

Employees thank God, and say our KUSI coverage made a critical impact on this major decision.

“The coverage with KUSI was critical in this..” -Professor Tracey Kiser on SDCCD’s decision to drop terminations over vaccine mandate

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