Full unedited interview with E. Michael Smith

The special “Global Warming: The Other Side” featured several interviews with experts and scientists, none more important to me than the one with E. Michael Smith, who had used his great computer programming skill to unravel the complications of the U.S. Government's national and world temperature database to expose some highly questionable manipulations that have taken place. The TV program had extreme time limitations and only a couple of small segments of this interview were included. That is where the Internet provides a great outlet and educational plus. Here I am able to present the entire interview. You will learn a lot when you watch it. I have never done a worse job of interviewing someone as I did with E. Michael Smith, while no one I have interviewed has ever done a better job of presenting their material and themselves than Mr. Smith. Never mind my interviewer issues, if you can. I have to reject any self protection and let you see it “as is,” because this interview is too important. The work E. Michael Smith has done and what it reveals is information our policy makers must have. It goes a long way towards totally derailing the global warming campaign. Will the networks ever put this man on the air? Will congress ever take testimony from him? I hope playing this entire interview helps. Please click the video button and watch this interview in its entirety.

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