Full unedited interview with Joe D’Aleo

In preparation for the recent program “Global Warming: The Other Side” I conducted several interviews with scientists in remote cities. TV time constraints and that old thing about TV Producers feeling the need to keep the pace of the program moving rapidly along, meant that what you saw on TV in each case is only a snippet of the complete interview. That is where the Internet comes in very handy. Here on my web page, we can post the complete interview with each scientist for those who have a larger appetite for the global warming debunking information.

The first interview I am posting is with Joseph D'Aleo, Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. He was in the Boston studio of WCVB television. I was in our KUSI TV studio here in San Diego. There was limited time to do the interview (They charge by the minute for the across county fiber optic feed.) so I had to keep the interview rolling. We were interrupted by a technical switch at one point. I have cut that out. Otherwise, as the clock ran down, I raced to get everything I could from Joe.


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