Gang member convicted of second-degree murder

A gang member who fatally shot a taxi driver at the end of a cab ride in Lemon Grove was convicted Friday of second-degree murder.

Demetrius Sissac, 21, was found guilty of the Oct. 30, 2011, killing of Jalaludin Hamrah, a 39-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan. Jurors also found three weapons allegations to be true.

A motive for the slaying was not clear, though prosecutors said the defendant was on probation for auto theft at the time of the killing.

The prosecution said Hamrah gave a ride to the defendant in the early morning hours and, at the end of the ride, Sissac shot and killed him.

Hamrah was found dead in his cab, which crashed in the 3400 block of Main Street. Paramedics discovered a bullet wound in his upper body when they pulled him from the wreckage.

Sissac was arrested three days later.

Judge Herbert Exarhos set an Aug. 16 sentencing date.

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