Gas tax repeal campaign passes 400,000 signature mark

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) — The campaign to repeal the gas tax increase reached an important threshold Friday, surpassing 400,000 signatures.

“I am excited to announce that we have passed the 400,000 signature mark to repeal the gas tax increase and overturn the highly unpopular hike in vehicle license fees,” said the campaigns Honorary State Chairman John Cox. “The hard-pressed working families of California can take comfort that tax relief is on the way.”

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The constitutional amendment, sponsored by the Give Voters a Voice (GVAV) Gas Tax repeal campaign, would overturn the recent gas and car tax increases and require future increases to be approved by voters. The campaign also reported that the validity rate of signatures being collected is over 79 percent.

With news that a competing gas tax repeal measure has failed to meet its signature deadline, the GVAV constitutional amendment is now the only gas tax repeal currently in circulation.

GVAV is collecting signatures at a record pace and is enjoying a huge surge of volunteer generated signatures, an indication of how unpopular the gas tax increase is with California voters. Both public and private polls have consistently shown that if the measure qualifies, it will pass easily.

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