Gavin Newsom: A vote for Larry Elder is a vote against ‘diversity’ and ‘racial justice’

LONG BEACH (KUSI) – The day before California’s recall election, Governor Gavin Newsom had President Joe Biden campaign with him in Long Beach, California.

President Biden’s motorcade was booed as they arrived, but he is said to be the most popular president ever, as he received over 81 million votes in the 2020 election.

Supporters of Newsom’s recall say Biden’s appearance prove Newsom is worried about the election, while Newsom’s supporters believe Biden’s help will ensure he overcomes being recalled.

The leading Republican candidate, conservative radio host Larry Elder, has been attacked by the left as being “the blackface of white supremacy,” a leftist protester even wore a monkey mask and threw an egg at Elder while he campaigned in Los Angeles, claiming he isn’t “a true black person.”

Elder shrugged off the racist attacks, saying it proves the double standards Democrats enjoy. After that incident, Elder told KUSI News that he is from the hood, and the Democrats are just worried he will make a meaningful connection to California’s minority communities.

Elder was born and raised in Compton, California.

But the racist smears didn’t stop there, Governor Gavin Newsom himself blasted Elder as he spoke in Long Beach alongside President Joe Biden.

During his speech, Newsom explained that voting for Larry Elder is a vote against “diversity” and “racial justice.”

If Newsom is recalled, and Larry Elder receives the most votes out of all the candidates, he would become California’s first black governor.


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