Gov. Gavin Newsom gives broad themes on what he wants to accomplish

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – Gavin Newsom began his inaugural address saying the story of California is the story of dreams.

Newsom brings a generational change to the governor’s office, and that’s also reflected by his wife Jennifer, who wants to be referred to as “first partner” rather than first lady.

Newsom will continue some of Brown”s priorities, perhaps downsizing others like the bullet train and water tunnels, but be more expansive on education and health care.

There were no specifics in his address but broad themes of what he wants to accomplish.

Newsom acknowledged the state faces serious challenges that have been deferred for too long: the homeless epidemic, the achievement gap in schools, and inequality.

Channeling Governor Brown, Newsom he said it may take time as we prepare for uncertainties ahead, and credited Governor Brown for stabilizing the finances of the state.

A Newsom administration will be progressive and principled, he said, but we will be bold doing what’s right even if its hard.

He promises to help families and children from infancy to college.

He’s wants to expand family leave from six weeks to six months, two years of free community college, and guaranteed health care for all.

He said California will be a sanctuary for all who need it, and the border wall should never be built.

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