Georgette Gomez pursues job as San Diego City Council President

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The politics at San Diego City Hall is about to tilt to the left. The Democats will seat a supermajority next month, and there’s nothing the Republicans can do to stop them. The first order of business will be to choose a Council President.

Georgette Gomez had been actively pursuing the job, and the buzz at city hall is she will get it.
Gomez is a first term councilmember, as are all 6 Democrat members. As council president she will determine what issues come before council,  who sits on, and chair’s council committee’s, and she gets a seat on the board of SANDAG if elevated to council president.  Her power is growing.

With a super majority, Demcorats can frustrate the Mayor’s agenda, and even override his veto. Plus, as council president, Gomez can expand her influence on regional issues as a member of the SANDAG board, and she retains her position as chair of the metropolitan transit system.

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