Getting started on a fitness routine for the new year

Alissa Parker, author, fitness professional and cyclebar instructor joined Good Morning San Diego with ways to get on a fitness routine that will last for the new year.

Why people fall off:
-Taking on too much at once
– start with trying to make new habits, one thing at a time. It’s a marathon not a sprint.
– not having support from family and friends. You can’t force people around you to do what your doing. It has to be here choice.
– group fitness is an affordable way to get the sense of community and friendship that keeps people involved. Class pass is a great way to try different types of group classes in your area so you can find the right fit.

How to get started safely:
– most gyms offer at least 1 free training session to teach you how to use the equipment.
– in a group class, go a few minutes early to get some individual instruction. Instructors want you to have a safe fun workout and are very welcoming.
– if you’re a beginner start slow. Listen to your body. Recovery is an important part of training.
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How to keep it up:
– refresh your gym gear or get some new workout clothes to keep you feeling good.
– find something you truly enjoy and leaves you feeling great after. It becomes a habit like brushing your teeth.
-get the support from friends or make some that have the common interest. Keeps you accountable and makes it fun.
– you don’t have to just lift weights or go to the gym. You just need to move so find what you enjoy. It should not be torture. Things like spinning, boxing, dance class, rock climbing, tennis, golf, are all great ways to get out and move with friends without having to go to the gym.
– hire an online coach. Online coaching is becoming very popular and an affordable way for clients and coaches to connect more frequently offering solutions to daily struggles like eating out or going on vacations, as well as providing workout and diet plans to keep you accountable.


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