Too often I see candidates focused on a job they want within a company, rather than on the company itself – I think it’s important we redesign our thinking when searching for the ideal job – It’s called getting your foot in the door! Let me show you how.

Let’s say you want to work for Google as the Director of Marketing. You need to prove you are the ideal ‘Googler’ first. (I hear that’s what they call themselves.) Instead of thinking only about the title you want, knowing the company culture and the people in the departments are steps to take to get your ideal job – but it might take a few extra steps – you must be willing to do the following:

1. Apply for Open Positions – Such as Part-Time or Contract

This isn’t always the most effective way to get your foot in the door at most companies, but it does still work for some and worth taking the time and effort. It may not be your ideal job – but it is a way to ‘Get Your Foot in the Door’. It’s often much easier to transfer within a company than to get into the company at the exact position you initially want. Let them know you are available for the next opening. In order to maximize your chance for an interview, make sure you customize your resume and cover letter by adding key words from the job posting.

2. Follow The Company On Social Media & Interact Online

Most companies will provide multiple ways to interact with them online and learn more about them – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and one or more company blogs. By following them, their daily posts and interacting with them, you get to know more about the company culture and you will potentially be seen as a client who is interested in them as an employer.

3. Find The Hiring Manager On Linkedin 

When you come across a hiring manager on LinkedIn that you want to connect with, find another LinkedIn member who knows them and request an introduction. Then court the hiring manager over time by including some things that they have interests in. Share your resume with him or her. However, keep in mind that many other candidates are doing the same thing. So look for a unique way to make your qualifications to stand out. Keep your approach elegant and remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

4. Research External Recruiter(s) & Build Relationships

As you build your connection with the company of interest, try messaging contacts to find out which recruiting firms they use for the types of positions you are hoping for. Build connections with the recruiters as well. Prove to them you have something of value prove yourself over time. You’ll stand head and shoulders above the crowd as a result.

Sometimes giving a prospective employer a taste of your talents can be all you need to bypass the standard application process and fast track your dream career.

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