Ghosts of CIF past follow Madison, Saints at SWC Passing League

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Normally, a report of a passing league game between Madison and Saint Augustine wouldn't last longer than this sentence.

We'd tell you the score (30 to 21 Madison), how many TD passes the winning quarterback threw (four from Terrell Carter), and any interesting points (Elijah Preston did get a carry in passing league, but can you blame them?) in the quickest recap possible.

Unless life is imitating the finest art the CIF could ever sculpt.

The Warhawks and Saints fighting on the same battlefield they gave their football lives for seven months ago.

Southwestern College the same scene as the Division I championship in December, when a Thomas Goodridge pass to Jacob Baker with three seconds left put title rings on Saintsmen fingers and left the Madhouse wondering what happened.

"The first thing I was thinking about is instantly the CIF game," Madison wide receiver Shaheed Madyun said. "We came out and played as hard as we could, and unfortunately it just wasn't enough.

"We came out here just trying to redeem ourselves."

Redemption wasn't a problem. The Warhawks gaining and sustaining the lead thanks to their fleet of nifty skill players. Credit the defense with two interceptions and a bushel of deflections.

"I'm sure they were playing with that anger because they lost to us," Saints defensive back Darrell Broussard said.

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