Go Packers!!!!

I don't usually use this Digital Notebook to blather on about me or my opinions or allegiances, but this Super Bowl weekend I must.  I am a Packer fan.  I have no choice, it's in my blood.

 I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin and sent home in a green and gold baby blanket.  My high school years were spent as a Green Bay Preble High School “Hornet” in a green and gold uniform.  I played a high school championship football game on the “frozen tundra of Lambeau Field”.  In grade school we would say a prayer for the Packers on Friday afternoons during football season.  I was as the famous “Ice Bowl” NFL Championship game and I nearly froze to death.  

 Back in the 1970's when I was reporting in Green Bay, I recall airing a story comparing the rituals of religion to the passion and traditions of Green Bay Packer fans.  It analyzed the gathering on a Sunday in a large group to worship a common hero or God.  Of course, the tailgating is part of the Packer tradition too, and I have eaten many bratwursts before, during and after a game.  The Packers are part of Green Bay's civic culture.

 I know each of you has your own special team.  I think it's great!  The passion for sport and loyalty is important.  It was very important to me as a boy growing up in “Titletown, USA”.  Now, my Packers have a chance to add to the legacy and I hope they do. 

 Sitting right here in the KUSI newsroom is a co-worker who is wearing his Pittsburgh Steeler jersey.  It would be no fun if everyone cheered for the Packers, so we need at least one fan to back the Steelers.  I knew we would find at least one.  Go Packers

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