Golden Hill residents express concerns about transitional homeless camp

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A transitional camping area for San Diego’s growing homeless population was opened by the city Monday and residents living in Golden Hill aren’t happy about their new neighbors.

A meeting was held Wednesday night by citizens of Golden Hill to voice their concerns and comments about the Transitional Homeless Camp Area.

The 136-space facility — set up in the parking lot of the city operations yard in Golden Hill — provides space first to women, children and families. The transitional camp area just south of the Balboa Park Golf Course will act as housing until larger tent shelters open later this year. 

The camping area will be operated by the nonprofit Alpha Project like a typical campground with rules and regulations and an on-site manager. Each person will register and be assigned a 13- by 13-foot campsite, but each space can accommodate one or more individuals. 

Some city operations and personnel have been moved to make room for the camp, which will be temporary until three larger tent shelters open. 

"We’ve been pushing for safe camping because homeless on streets and in canyons is not a solution in any neighborhood, and the communities I represent have felt that acutely," said Councilman Chris Ward, chairman of the City Council’s Select Committee on Homelessness. 

"This Transitional Camp Area — especially as our sanitation efforts continue to address public health concerns — provides people a place to go rather than just moving them from place to place," Ward said. 

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