Gonzalez-Fletcher said freelance jobs “aren’t jobs.” A former state contractor responds.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Controversial Assembly Bill 5 has caused an uproar for California residents who have been operating as independent contractors and freelancers.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher authored the bill, and came to KUSI to further explain and respond to critics.

Eileen McLean, a former job developer lost her job as an independent contractor due to the bill’s requirements that freelancers must register as a small business or be considered employees of a company.

“Now [companies] can’t use me because of AB5,” says McLean. “They don’t have the budget for full-time employees and they need contractors, and I need flexibility.  I have a 94-year-old dad to take care of so it was perfect.”

Gonzalez-Fletcher says she feels differently about independently-contracted jobs. “These aren’t jobs,” she says. “These are freelance positions that may be three hours a month, or may be 300 hours a month.” She also says if individuals want to be a business, “AB 5 allows for that. You can be a sole proprietor, you can work as many times as you want for any organization, you just actually have to be a small business.”

McLean disagrees, saying “the state needs independent contractors.  The state cannot do all the work with their current staff. I need the job and they need me.”

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