Good Morning San Diego live from the Lakeside Rodeo

LAKESIDE (KUSI) – A special edition of Good Morning San Diego, live from the Lakeside Rodeo!

We learned anything and everything about this year’s Lakeside Rodeo. Rich Hurst, the Chairman and VP of the El Capitan Stadium Association, detailed how they set up each event and what they need to do to get ready for the event every year.

The rodeo has events for participants of all ages. Some people have been riding horses for decades, while other participants aren’t even 10-years-old yet! For the younger ones, the Lakeside Rodeo hosts a series of Barrel Racing events for them to show off their skills.

One of our favorite events of the year is the kids Stick Horse Race. The kids have so much fun, and this time, our very own Lauren Phinney joined in on the race.

KUSI’s Carlos Amezcua and Lauren Phinney spoke to this year’s rodeo queens; Renee Winter, Vianette Garcia, and Madison Wagner. They explained what it means to be a rodeo queen, how long they have been participating in the rodeo, and why they love it so much.

Then, KUSI’s Francella Perez spent some time with a rodeo clown, Danny Buffalo Chip!

Are you thinking of going to the Lakeside Rodeo but don’t know what to wear? 2016 Miss Rodeo California, Rachel Owens-Sarno, shared some insights. Her favorite place to go is Boot Barn, and she is a square toe boot fan, but any style of boot will work!

Later in the show, we got to speak to Don Jesser. This year, Jesser is announcing his 18th Lakeside Rodeo!


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