GOP candidates have San Diego Conservatives choosing sides

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – According to a new poll, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a very good chance to win the New Hampshire primaries.

Trump is leading the GOP candidates with 29 percent of support with the remaining presidential hopefuls battling for second.

Marco Rubio comes in with 18 percent of primary voters, Ted Cruz is at 13 percent, Governor John Kasich sits at 12 and Jeb Bush has a 10 percent support rating, with each candidate fully attacking each other during each of their campaigns.

Jeb Bush had this to say about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

"I think it’s fair game to suggest that the two leading senators who have been successful politicians most of their adult life but haven’t had a record of accomplishment they can point to," Bush said.

The new poll also shows that a third of GOP voters in New Hampshire are still undecided on which candidate to vote for.

Here in San Diego, the Republican candidates have conservative voters picking sides, but is there a consensus candidate that they can agree on for the oval office or will the California Primary be the deciding factor?

1170 AM Radio Host Mark Larson joined KUSI to talk more about the right GOP candidate. 

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