Gov. Brown may miss his own deadline to get tax extensions on ballot

Governor Jerry Brown is getting nervous. He acknowledge Monday morning he might not reach a budget deal by his self imposed deadline on Thursday, and if that happens, his ballot measure to extend taxes could be in trouble. KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following this story and reports on the latest details.

The governor is becoming increasingly frustrated. Time is running out to get his tax extensions on the ballot. The income tax has already expired, the sales and vehicle taxes expire in June.

The Governor's self imposed deadline is Thursday, March 10th. He's been meeting with individual Republicans but he's been unable to get the four Republican votes necessary to put his tax extensions on the ballot.

There's been talk of a few Republicans who might cave in but it hasn't happened.

Ron Nehring is the Republican State Chairman. On the tax issue he says the battle lines are clear, “we have a party that will raise taxes whenever they can, and that's the Democratic party, and we have a party that's saying no, that's the Republican party.”

Governor Brown says the Republicans are the party of no. He says Democrats have supported cuts if taxes are part of the deal, but Republicans have offered nothing. “So far the Republicans haven't offered any cuts and I want to know, this is about the budget, these tough budget cuts, tough realignment, changes between local and state government and they've been fairly silent on that,” said Gov. Brown.

Nehring says the governor and the Democrats have to attack the drivers of why government gets more and more expensive every year.

So the two sides are at a standstill, and that's not good for Governor Brown. He needs the special election in June because that's when the taxes expire. If a deal isn't done this week Brown's special election is in jeopardy.

County Registrar Deborah Siler says she needs 88 days to prepare for an election. Her deadline is Friday, March 11th. That is why the governor's self imposed deadline was Thursday, March 10th.

The governor is in a bind. He has said if this doesn't go to the ballot, or if voters reject the tax extensions he will propose an all-cuts budget. In that event he would be fighting with Democrats instead of Republicans.

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