Gov. Brown still struggling to get Republican votes for tax extension

If Governor Jerry Brown doesn't round up four Republican votes soon he will run out of time to get his tax extensions on the ballot to help school districts, and get the state moving again. There's already talk of pushing back the election by a week or two. KUSI's Steve Bosh reports on the latest developments.

Brown convinced the voters that he, and not Meg Whitman, had the political experience and skills to straighten out Sacramento. But he's missed his deadline to get a budget, and he will miss his June 7th deadline on the tax extensions.

The governor has to work a deal in the next several days or county registrars won't have enough time to prepare for an election.  

The taxes he wants to extend expire June 30th. An election beyond June lessens his chances with the voters.

Brown has the Democrats but he hasn't been able to get the four Republicans he needs to get the taxes on the ballot.

San Diego Tax Fighter Richard Rider says no matter what the politicians do there will be an election on taxes. “What will happen if the legislature doesn't put it on (the ballot), the labor unions will spend millions of dollars to petition drive and put it on the ballot,” said Rider.

Sacramento is still in political chaos over this, and the governor isn't working any magic.

The uncertainty has county registrars in fits. Their job is to hold elections, and June 7th is already problematic. Even that's chancy, and the registrars will not proceed without a firm date.

There's still a chance Brown can swing some votes. He needs four, but as of Tuesday night he doesn't have any.

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