Gov. Jerry Brown denies parole for man who shot and killed and SDPD Officer

San Diego (KUSI) — Governor Jerry Brown is ruling to once again deny parole to a man who shot and killed a San Diego Police Officer.

The decision comes five months after a state parole board once again recommended release for 56-year-old Jesus Cecena from prison, who was incarcerated in 1979, at the age of 17, after shooting San Diego Cop Archie Buggs six times at point blank range. 

During the parole board hearing in April, Cecena said he killed 30-year-old Buggs in a state of panic, but Brown says that claim goes against evidence that shows the shooting was calculated and carried out at point-blank.

This is the third time in three years that Brown has denied parole for Cecena. 

In his ruling, the Governor said that Cecena hasn’t yet accepted the "callousness" of his actions nor has he given an honest explanation for the killing. 

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