Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State: ‘Perseverance and courage …. will get us through the great uncertainty’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Governor Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State address Tuesday morning. It was a spirited defense of California’s liberal policies over the last eight years.

Most notably on climate change, immigration and healthcare, all of which are threatened to be rolled back to the Trump Administration.

The governor will be joined in this fight by the state’s new Attorney General Xavier Bacerra, who has vowed to aggressively defend California against the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress.

The governor’s remarks were sharp and critical, reflecting on Donald Trump’s election and inauguration, saying it has brought deep divisions across America.

"While no one knows what these leaders will actually do, there are signs that are disturbing," Gov. Brown said.

Brown warned those signs were evident over the weekend.

" … in cities across the country, we witnessed a vast and inspiring fervor that is stirring in the land, democracy doesn’t come from the top, it starts at the bottom," he said.

Brown said the administration’s assault on climate change will not succeed with alternative facts coming from the new administration. The science is undeniable.

"We can’t fall back and give in to the climate deniers the science is clear, the danger is real," Gov. Brown said. "Whatever they do in Washington, they can’t change the facts."

But President Trump, just four days into his administration, has already sent a signal to California by signing executive orders to advance construction of the XL Pipeline, which environmentalists say undercuts efforts to advance climate change, one of the governor’s legacy issues.

California will also defend its liberal laws to protect immigrants, especially the undocumented on several fronts.

"We may be called to defend laws and defend them we will," Gov. Brown said.

California wholeheartedly embraced Obamacare, adding more than 5 million residents to the insurance rolls. The state relies on $20 billion in Federal dollars per year for subsidies and Medi-Cal expansion. Those funds may be in jeopardy.

" … were any of that to be taken away, our budget would be directly affected, possibly even devastated," he said.

The governor did list a number of successes, and recalled his ancestors immigrating to California in 1852 aboard a ship named Perseverance. He said that’s exactly what we need now.

"perseverance and courage which built our state from the beginning and its that spirit that will get us through the great uncertainty and the difficulties ahead," he said.

Notably, the governor did agree with the president on his trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

" … and I say amen to that man, amen to that brother. We’re there with ya," he said.

What the governor did not mention is the current budget deficit, which has grown to $1.8 billion because savings in one program was double counted.

The finance department said there may be other errors. 

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