Gov. Newsom discusses revised budget aimed towards wildfire prevention and helping homeless

LA JOLLA (KUSI) — Governor Gavin Newsom has released a revised budget plan for next year with money set aside for wildfire prevention and reducing homelessness.

The Governor talked about those priorities Friday during a visit to San Diego.

In the revised May budget, the state’s top executive proposes an overall spending plan of $213 billion.

Speaking at a conference in La Jolla on more innovative solutions to global problems, the Governor talked about the need to fortify our planning for wildfires, after two years of the worst wildfires in state history. Newsom cited California’s outmoded technology as one of the state’s challenges. He noted that the emergency notification is analog and has not been digitized.

To bring new ideas to the table, Newsom is backing a contest by the X Prize Foundation, seeking the most novel and innovative solution to detecting wildfires and extinguishing them.

The prize money, offered though the the private sector, involves no taxpayer money and could be a significant sum amounting to millions of dollars.

The Governor’s revised budget proposal also includes $1 billion to curb homelessness. That’s more than twice the amount that the State spent on homeless programs and services last year.

Newsom said the State will take a multi-faceted approach which includes “rapid re-housing, prevention, keeping people in their homes is a top priority and if they fall out of their homes, get them rapidly re-housed. We will do temporary navigation shelters but we want robust services connected to those shelters,” Newsom said.

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