Governor Cuomo backtracks on support for lockdown policies

NEW YORK (KUSI) – After being one of the lead advocates for lockdown policies, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo now says they “must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Governor Cuomo and Governor Newsom have been pushing lockdowns as an effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus in their state, completely ignoring the unintended consequences of the policy. But now, Governor Cuomo is reversing course.

Cuomo’s announcement came during his State of the State address, and is being criticized by those who have been saying this all along.

Governor Cuomo said, “we are looking at months of shutdowns and the economic, mental and spiritual hardships they bring. We need to act now. If we don’t, dining will remain at levels too low for restaurants to survive, offices will remain empty, hurting the service business that depend on those office workers, theaters and sports venues will sit empty, people will remain out of work.” Continuing, “the inequalities and injustices that COVID exacerbated

Donald Trump Jr. sarcastically slammed Cuomo on Twitter writing, “brilliant strategist, it’s incredible that no one thought of this months ago!”

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