Governor Gavin Newsom declares State of Emergency for Monkeypox

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a State of Emergency in California for Monkeypox.

San Francisco announced a state of emergency last week, and now Newsom has raised that to the state level.

The California Department of Public Health is keeping track of Monkeypox cases across the state, only reporting 26 so far here in San Diego County.

98.3% of current Monkeypox cases are in males.

91.7% of Monkeypox cases in California are in “gay, lesbian or same gender loving” people.

Ca Monkeypox Cases As Of 8122

To no surprise, County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher quickly released a statement supporting Newsom’s declaration. Just as he did every step of the way for coronavirus.

Fletcher released a statement saying, “Governor Newsom and our California Department of Public Health have put us in a position of strength when it comes to addressing Monkeypox outbreaks by declaring an emergency. Our County has been working with the community to distribute vaccines and information, and this action by the State will allow them to better support our County as we administer services. We are likely to align with the State in the coming days by making our own declaration.”

Fletcher was the lead supporter for shutting down businesses due to the spread of coronavirus, but he his not expected to advocate for that due to the State of Emergency for Monkeypox.

The State of California’s official Proclamation of a State of Emergency can be read here.

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