Governor Gavin Newsom spotted maskless at sold out NFC Championship game

LOS ANGELES (KUSI) – Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams hosted the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship.

The game was played at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles County, where there are strict mask and vaccination mandates for large events.

As expected, tons of celebrities attended the game, but much of the public is outraged about a few pictures posted by NBA legend Magic Johnson.

Magic posted photos with Governor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in a suite, but all of them were not wearing masks.

In Los Angeles County, everyone must wear a mask at outdoor mega events, regardless of vaccination status.

All three of these Democrat politicians, Newsom, Breed and Garcetti, are in support of forcing our children to wear masks all day while at school, while they enjoy themselves at the NFC Championship game with 100,000 other people, without their masks.

Newsom was questioned by reporters on Monday about his decision to go maskless at SoFi Stadium. Newsom said he only took his mask off to take a photo with Magic Johnson. So according to Newsom’s reasoning, it is okay to remove your mask to take photos.


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The Let Them Breathe group, who has been fighting back against Newsom’s mask mandates for children in the classroom, posted a scathing message to their Instagram account in response to seeing the photo of the maskless politicians.

Let Them Breathe’s full response is below:

NO ONE SHOULD WEAR A MASK TOMORROW. All smiles at the NFC championship tonight. Super Bowl is coming to this same CA stadium. There is NO emergency.

Stop abusing our children.

We just lost our request for reconsideration in our lawsuit against CA mask mandate because judge said she couldn’t challenge the emergency order but Newsom isn’t even pretending like there is an emergency anymore.

LA Mayor Garcetti… Kids in your County have to wear respirators to school but you get to smile indoors with celeb athletes?

Hypocrite is too kind of a word for all of them.

Every tear, every failing grade, every hopeless teen + child, they’re responsible for.

Didn’t you know that if you’re smiling for a photo the virus can’t get you? You can safely hold your mask in hand when hugging celebs 😉

However kids if you’re trying to engage with your teachers and peers, learn social skills and get an education – no such luck. Cuz science.


Don’t waste your breathe arguing the science. They know the truth already.

STOP complying.

This is not the first time Governor Newsom has publicly flaunted himself failing to follow the very rules he puts in place for Californians. His dinner party at The French Laundry being the most notable.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond published an official statement in response to the maskless Democrats:

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