Governor Newsom releases largest budget in California history with largest deficit

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Governor Newsom unveiled his revised $300.7 Billion California Blueprint proposal budget on Friday.

The Governor’s priorities include:

  • $47 Billion to combat climate change
  • $37 Billion for infrastructure help
  • $97 Billion surplus
  • Billions for public safety

Despite skyrocketing costs for Californians, only 18 billion dollars have been set aside to combat inflation.

“Backed by a robust surplus and grounded in our unshakable values, we’re paving the California Way forward to prosperity and progress for all. With historic investments, we’re doubling down on our formula for success and making sure no one is left behind – supporting working families and businesses, tackling climate change, expanding health care access, making our communities safer, and more,” said Governor Newsom. “While gridlock persists in Congress and right-wing fanatics turn statehouses across the country into laboratories of hate and oppression, here in California, we’re putting in the work to grow our economy and implement real, inclusive policy change to create a brighter future for all.”

You can watch Governor Newsom’s whole proposal here:

Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, talked with KUSI’s Logan Byrnes about his take on Governor Newsom’s 2023 budget proposal.

“Well, it’s a ton of revenue. I think the politicians, including the governor, are patting themselves on the back for having a large surplus. But let’s let’s get down to the real point here. The real reason we have a $90 billion surplus is because of the taxpayers doing their jobs. We have the highest income tax rate in America, highest state sales tax rate in America, the highest gas tax it is the taxpayers who who have produced this revenue.” Coupal says in his interview with Logan Byrnes, “And to the extent it exceeds the amount necessary to finance state functions, it should be returned to the taxpayers.”

Later in the evening Richard Rider, Chairman of San Diego Tax Fighters, also interviewed on KUSI about the tax payers and this new proposal.

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