California Governor’s Race 2018: Amanda Renteria

Democratic candidate for Governor of California, Amanda Renteria, sat down with Jason Austell to discuss her campaign.

In order to run for Governor of California, Amanda Renteria recently stepped down from her role as Chief of Operations at the California Department of Justice.

The proud daughter of former farm workers, Amanda grew up in the agriculturally rich Central Valley of California. She was the first woman and Latino from her small town to attend Stanford University, and she returned there to begin her career in public service as a high school math teacher.

After earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Harvard, Amanda served as a budget analyst for the City of San Jose and as an economic policy adviser to US Senator Dianne Feinstein. A few years after joining the office of US Senator Debbie Stabenow, Amanda became the first Latina Chief of Staff in the history of the US Senate.

Amanda served as Chief of Staff during an eventful period in Senate history. She was directly involved in the negotiation of the Affordable Care Act, with a particular focus on mental health, women’s preventative initiatives, and maternity care. During the economic crisis, Amanda and her team played a major role in saving the country’s manufacturing sector and creating new tax incentives for alternative energy production. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, her team oversaw implementation of a key portion of Wall Street Reform. And as Chief of Staff for the Chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, Amanda led the team that authored and negotiated the $1 trillion Senate Farm Bill, a landmark achievement and one of the Senate’s last bipartisan successes.

In 2014, Amanda stepped up to run for office in California’s 21st Congressional District. This Central Valley district has always been tough for Democrats, but Amanda brought a new voice to the political dialogue and inspired others. She secured the Democratic Party’s endorsement and won the primary over the previous Democratic nominee by a 2-to-1 margin.

Amanda served as Hillary Clinton’s National Political Director during the 2016 election cycle, then joined the California Department of Justice as its Chief of Operations. In this role, she managed a team of 1,000 dedicated public servants and an $850 million annual budget. In February, she stepped down from her role at DOJ in order to run for Governor of California.

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