Granite Hills 24, Hoover 21

The birds in east county had a crazy back and forth battle but it was the Eagles that came out on top against the Cardinals, beating them by a field goal, 24-21.

This week Granite Hills had to do without their original quarterback Seth Collins, due to him being ejected in his week four game, but he will return in week six. Michael Ladesma, who normally is a wide receiver and also a defensive back, took over as quarterback throughout the entire game and did not disappoint. Ladesma was able to keep the team at a good pace and help them to their victory with great passes, quick and precise hand offs but he also kept the ball and ran it a couple of times.

Usually the Eagles would win by a land slide but Hoover was on a mission tonight after having a bye last week. Tonight they really gave Granite Hills a run for their money as the Cardinals were extremely fast in transition between plays and extremely fast on their feet. The Cardinals quarterback Zyair Velazquez looked like a running back on the field, as he kept the ball often and ran it through tons of traffic to gain yards for Hoover. They came, the battled, but were unable to conquer.

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