Granite Hills 54, Santana 7

The Granite Hills Eagles had a great night as their Seniors walked off with a memorable 54-7 win over the Santana Sultans. Granite Hills is now 7-3 overall and ended their league play 2-2 looking at a high seed in the Division III playoffs. The Sultans are now 4-6 and 1-3 in league.

In the first quarter alone we encountered a total of five touchdowns. Four from Granite Hills and one from Santana. QB Seth Collins started the night off with a 66 yard touchdown run followed by a 12 yard touchdown run making the score 14-0 Eagles. Eagles running back Thomas Youmog got himself a 7 yard touchdown run, as well as Lindon Franklin with his impressive 68 yard touchdown run. The Sultans responded with a Frankie Gutierrez short pass to Adam Childress for an 85 yard touchdown. The end of the first was 28-7.

Opening the second quarter, Collins finds his right hand man, Michael Ledesma for a 30 yard touchdown pass. Ledesma also picked up a 1 yard touchdown run later on ending the half 42-7.

Santana fought and played tough defense. Sultan, Noah Jackson for instance picked Collins in the end zone preventing another Eagles TD. However, the Sultans offense were not connecting and couldn’t execute against the tough Granite Hills defense.

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