Granite Hills 56, El Cajon Valley 14

Halloween night, battle between schools two stop lights away from each other are playing to see who will take home “The Madison Cup”; Granite Hills ends up winning, 56 points against their rivals El Cajon Valley that put 14 points on the board.

The Madison Cup is a traditional trophy that Granite Hills and El Cajon Valley have been playing for since the rivalry started in the 70’s. Granite Hills was able to keep the cup with them this time as they have won the past three times the two have met on the field.

In the first quarter, senior and San Jose State commit Seth Collins takes it upon himself to start the game off quick; keeping the ball he takes it 18 yards to the house, 7-0 Eagles. Short after Seth finds Ryan Roj in the end zone to make the score 14-0. Next is a trick play; Seth hands the ball off to Michael Ladesma, he laterals to Ryan Roj, who finds Jake Morgan for a 38 yard touchdown pass, and the score is now 21-0. Later, the Braves were punting but the punt was blocked and it was called a safety for the Eagles, putting them up two more points, now 23-0. One more time before the second quarter begins, Seth runs the ball 12 yards and gives them a nice gap even before the next quarter starts, 30-0 Eagles.

In the second, Seth handed the ball off to Lyndon Franklin, who ran in a short 5 yard touchdown, for their only scoring in the second quarter. They went on to win big, as El Cajon Valley fell short, but were still able to put points on the board. Granites Hills is now (6-3) overall and (1-2) in league, while El Cajon Valley is now (2-7) overall and (0-4) in league.

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