Grossmont 56, Valhalla 21

The Grossmont Foothillers hosted the Valhalla Norsemen for Grossmont’s senior night. This game was the determinant for who would hold the number 8 seed as well as the home field advantage for the first round of playoffs.

Grossmont came out on top tonight defeating Valhalla 56-21. In front of a packed house the Foothillers took the reins of the game early in the 1st quarter. To start the game junior quarterback Calvin Farris found A.J Shaw for a 55 yard touchdown. The Foothillers never looked back, scoring again with about 5:00 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Despite the fact that Grossmont threw 2 interceptions and had a few fumbles, they didn’t let their turnovers deter them from getting the number 8 seed. The man of the night was junior defensive back turned running back Alex Lilliard, he had 248 rushing yards paired with 5 touchdowns, the man was unstoppable. The Foothillers now wait to see who will be their next match-up in round 1.

The Valhalla Norsemen couldn’t withstand the defense of the Foothillers but the effort put forth was exceptional. At the start of the 2nd quarter the Norsemen seemed to look alive they received the ball back after a pick 6 with decent setup position to score their first touchdown. Naseh found Frazier for a 55 yard touchdown play. The Norsemen were held scoreless until the beginning of the 3rd quarter, they went on to score 21 points to close the game. The Norsemen will now be a 9 seed, and even though they lost last night’s game it is possible Valhalla could host first round.

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