Grossmont Union High School District gets a makeover

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Grossmont Union High School District is getting a makeover, just ahead of the new school year. 

12 campuses in the district will now use solar energy to fuel air conditioning units, lights, and ventilation as part of Prop H, State Prop 39, and Measure BB.

"The Solar panels will have a huge impact on the overall cost of energy," Said Grossmont Union High School District President, Robert Shield. " As well as the installation of batteries that will be charged in the late hours of the day when there is not as much activity at the school.  We can then access that energy during peak hours to help reduce the stress to the overall system.

The solar installations are expected to return nearly $3.5 million annually in utility cost savings.

The summer construction will also bring modernized building designs and new classrooms that will cater to career training, student support services, and event center facilities 

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