Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley calls out Newsom for having no accomplishments to campaign on

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – California’s Recall election to replace Governor Gavin Newsom is just over a month away, and there are dozens of candidates vying to get the upper hand.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is one of the top Republican candidates, and has been very outspoken in opposition to Newsom’s coronavirus regulations since the pandemic began in 2020.

Kiley recently published a blog post on his website titled, “Newsom Has No Regrets,” where he responded to a “surreal interview” by Governor Newsom where he told reporters he doesn’t regret a damn thing.

Part of Kiley’s blog reads, “So it was that Gavin Newsom, in a surreal interview, suggested he’d do everything all over ago. Apparently, the cuisine at the French Laundry was worth the bad press. This might be amusing, if not for a deadly serious reality: Groundhog’s Day is actually upon us. Mask mandates are back, and in recent remarks Newsom has set the stage for another school shutdown. If I replace him, that will not happen. That’s what I told a lively crowd at Saturday’s Rally in LA, where I also announced a plan to dismantle the LA Unified School District. As Governor, I’d call for an LAUSD break-up bill on my desk by the end of the year.”

Kiley joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego where he explained Gavin Newsom has no accomplishments to campaign on, and he is only backed by “his special interest benefactors.”

Kiley has also been active on Twitter, where he is calling out Newsom head on regarding various issues.

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