Guitars for School: More than just music

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Sixth graders from Paul Ecke Central School in Encinitas played the role of teacher aides in music class, as second graders grasped guitars, some almost as big as the students themselves.

It was all part of the Guitars in Schools Program, a joint venture between the San Diego Music Foundation and the San Diego based company Taylor Guitars.

The program places Baby Taylors in the hands of school kids in San Diego.

47,000 San Diego school students have benefited since the program began.

Jason Wexler plays the piano, trumpet, drums and guitar. He is 12 years-old. His musical idols are Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars.

“I think if you start at a young age, when you’re younger, you listen more, and you know more,” said Jason.

Carter Sirota wants to be able to jam with his brother and father, who both play guitar, and he has a future as a Taylor ad man.

“Really nice sounding and easy to play, good for instructing. Probably one of the best sizes, and a really good brand,” said Sirota.

Kids are able to play guitars twice a month in class, and it is about a lot more than music. It is about math, as they count frets, syllables and clap to words.

Exploring new instruments allows students explore who they are.

“If they can understand number line, scale on a simple string, tie-ins with cognitive and special and temporal reasoning. Having these guitars here help them instill it that much more,” said Jake Sherreitt. 

“Think about who you want to be, whether you got a guitar in your hand, or how you want to see yourself. Know you’re gonna get there. Just believe in it,” he added.

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