Gun sales surge after weekend of mass shootings

After a weekend of two mass shootings in the United States, gun sales throughout the country have rose significantly.

Paul Bedard, of the Washington Examiner reports, “The latest jump validated a big increase in purchases and background checks recorded by the FBI that show the four most recent months higher than the same months in 2018.”

The “National Instant Criminal Background Check System,” NICS, is on track to make 2019 the second biggest year of gun sales since 2016 when Americans expected Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election and implement strict gun control policies on the country.

The chart below shows the quantity of firearm background checks conducted by the NICS for each month since November 1998.

The Washington Examiner report goes on to say, “According to the latest NICS numbers just released, this year there have been nearly 16 million background checks, which are done for gun sales, applications for concealed carry permits and other gun-related legal issues. As with past mass shootings, applications for concealed carry permits and interest in smaller pistols has increased. But the twin shooting has sparked even more interest.”

The full report can be read here.

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