Hannah, the Iranian rescue dog has died

ENCINITAS (KUSI) —  A story we believed would have a happy ending, unfortunately will not.

Last night, our Brandi Williams introduced us to Hannah, a one-year-and eight-month-old Shepard mix. After years of abuse in Iran, including being shot and left for dead, some remarkable and caring people rescued her and brought her here to San Diego.

Hannah arrived Thursday night and her rescuers were looking forward to Hannah’s recovery and her new lease on life. But despite the best efforts of the Ruehle Foundation and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, an infection was discovered in Hannah’s leg wound.

Hannah died in surgery, late Thursday night.

One year ago Hannah was shot in Iran and left on the side of the road. She was rescued by a family that took her in even though her hind legs were not working. Earlier this week she was flown from Iran to LAX with hopes of her recovery and eventual adoption at Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas.

RCHS President Jim Silveira says, “When Hannah arrived we took her to a local veterinary hospital for monitoring and evaluation. She had an open wound and a serious infection from where her wheelchair rubbed one of her legs. She was stabilized, given fluids, and put on pain medication. When she was in surgery she had a reaction to the anesthesia. Because of her weakened state, her body was unable to battle back and she did not survive.”

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