Happy Feet & Laser Pain Center

Dr. Krage's Happy Feet Program will provide, at no cost to you, a complete foot exam and two free laser treatments. In just one laser treatment you can feel the difference. Dr Krage's proprietary non-surgical foot program can treat Big toe Bunion pain, painful flat arches or Plantar Fasciitis and even treat pain between the toes or Neuromas. Dr Krage has developed this clinically proven non-surgical treatment protocol over the past thirty years. So, to avoid the typical long needle injections, drugs, and surgery, call now (619) 621-5540 for your free exam and two free laser treatments.

Dr. John Krage, DC, BS, DCCN, DCBCN, CCFC, is the founder of Dr. Krage's Happy Feet and Laser Pain Center and has been in practice for over thirty years.

Thousands of patients, both young and old, have received relief from Dr. Krage's innovative, non-invasive, non-surgical Foot treatment programs.

The therapy can restore proper foot mechanics by using Gentle Foot laser rehabilitation. Our state of the art facility is located in Mission Valley near the down town San Diego area.

Dr. Krage is a pioneer in the field of laser foot rehabilitation and has treated thousands of patients with this specialized technique. Dr. Krage is the first in San Diego to have the FDA Cleared class IV LiteCure Laser. His treatment programs help to create a dynamic balance for with many foot disorders including:

1. Bunions (Big toe Pain and deformity)

2. Plantar fasciitis (Arch and heel pain)

3. Metatarsalgia (Pain between the toes)

4. Morton's Neuroma (severe pain between the toes)

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