Hard Choices Part 2

Dear PPR Viewers:

The fan vote for the 6th seat on the PPR Silver Pigskin Podium is underway.  This Friday night on the Prep Pigskin Report, we will unite the Fan Vote winner with the 5 finalists selected by the Prep Pigskin Report Player of the Year Committee.  And then the voting begins all over again.

This coming Saturday (14th) we will send the 2015 PPR Player of the Year ballot out via email to every head football coach in the county, prep media members, CIF officials, at least a dozen San Diego Chargers, high ranking City leaders, previous Silver Pigskins winners (and finalists) and the entire PPR Red Jacket Army.   In order to be as transparent as possible, we will post the names of the PPR Player of the Year voters and when their vote has been cast. Last year, the number was just shy of 300 E-ballots.

(Author’s note: We give you their names so that you can help us make certain they cast their vote.)

Because this is your show, you will have a voice in the outcome too.  Per our custom the Fan Vote will reopen across all our PPR social media platforms.  Your votes will be weighted to count as 10% of the returned Ballot vote.  You will be able to decide a close race while at the same time we can guard against our vote turning into a popularity contest where the kid from the biggest school always wins.

One programming note, Friday November 20th, Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco will once again be our in-studio guest.  Tom will break down each one of our finalists on tape. It is interesting to get a professional’s video assessment of the 2015 class.  (Mr. Telesco is a member in good standing of the PPR Player of the Year committee.) We always look forward to his visit and sincerely appreciate his active role in our show.

This is an exciting time for the PPR.  It can also be a heartbreaking one.  There are quite a few kids that we get to know personally during the PPR season which makes it difficult to deliver the disappointing news that they won’t be on our podium. 

Trust me when I tell you that we agonize over every selection.  Building a consensus among the various factions of our show is damn near impossible.  It is not an exact science.  Nor can it be.  How do you compare an athlete tearing it up against D4 competition against a solid player who is receiving D1 offers in the open division?

Rest assured we have talked to dozens of coaches, teachers, and college recruiters.  We see scores of games in person and watch more video than the average media organization.  We know how important this is to you.  We take it seriously.

That said, I have no doubt that when we introduce our Silver Pigskin Class of 2015 (and Iron Hog recipient) aboard the USS Midway Tuesday, December 15th you will be duly impressed with a collection of young athletes who will represent our trophy and city with honor and distinction.

Yours in Pigskin,

Paul Rudy
Prep Pigskin Report

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