Hay goes away from Sweetwater football while the questions swirl

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Brian Hay finally has time to get his doctorate.

"I’ve been putting it off," Hay said. "That’s one goal."

His schedule became a lot clearer Wednesday afternoon when he resigned from the head coaching job at Sweetwater, three games into his third year at the helm.

"As a team, I told them, and they all hugged me," Hay said. "It was emotional on both parts."

Emotion that comes from an ending that wasn’t supposed to be. While Hay has medical concerns that will get the time and rest they need from not being on the sidelines, there is a clear undercurrent that has players and parents fuming at Sweetwater’s administration.

The issue at hand is equipment. The Sweetwater Union School District has very specific rules regarding acquisition, access and buybacks – rules that have Sweetwater’s administration in his cross hairs.

According to several sources, Hay purchased materials to help out kids that couldn’t pay or the school didn’t have. When the year finished, Hay allegedly allowed students to buy back the products.

These are technically against the codes in the rule book – but make sense for a head coach trying to put disadvantaged kids in the game and impact their lives for the better.

"There were some concerns in the community over the last several weeks," school district spokesman Manny Rubio said. "We took a look at it. Our district athletics team and our athletic director took a look. The principal took a look. And he was still the coach."

Hay, who remains at Sweetwater as a physical education teacher, is focused on creating peace in the midst of storms.

"It’s been a team effort," Hay said. "There hasn’t been any animosity. I know people are saying that."

Wesley Charles will take over at Sweetwater. He was the offensive coordinator before receiving the promotion.

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