Healthy Living: CDC says Americans eat too much free food at work

Let’s face it. The best part of a work meeting or gathering is often all the free food.

But are all these office foods making people fat?

The first national study looking at what people eat at work shows they just may be.

Research conducted by the centers for disease control and prevention finds the foods people are eating at work — both from places like the cafeteria or vending machine and the free stuff besides the water cooler — can be high in salt and refined grains like bagels and pizza — and low in whole grains and fruits.

The study followed more than 5,000 employed adults across the U.S. and tracked the food and drinks they purchased at work, along with the “free-for-all” in break rooms.

The result: Among the most commonly selected items are coffee, regular and diet soft drinks, sandwiches, salads, pizza and baked goods.

According to an epidemiologist for the CDC, in a given seven-day period, almost a quarter of the employees in the study consumed almost 1,300 calories from the food they got at work.   Sometimes in a single snack.  And about 70 percent of those calories were from the free food!

So, you may want to skip the cupcakes next time.  The study did offer a couple of solutions to employers, like promoting more wellness in the workplace and incorporating healthier food and snack options in vending machines.

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