Healthy Living: Exercise and your love life 

If you’re an unhappy member of the Lonely Hearts Club, of if you’re happily partnered but looking to recharge your love life, exercise might be just the prescription you need.

The health benefits of exercise are well-known and now you can add another benefit to the long list.

Recent research indicates that exercise can be good for your love life. 

Of course, better fitness comes along with increased stamina and flexibility, both of which can affect your love life for the better.

But those aren’t the only romance-related benefits.

Regular exercise lowers the risk of erectile problems in men. Researchers suspect that’s because exercise is associated with increased blood flow.

And exercise, especially strength training, can increase testosterone levels, which may boost the sex drive for both women and men.

Women who are physically active report feeling more sexual desire and satisfaction than sedentary women.

In addition to the biological benefits, exercise can also enhance your self-image, making you more confident and thus more appealing to potential partners. 

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