Healthy Living: Father of six receives first meniscus replacement in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — 40-year old Justin Marchand is one active dad. Surfing, mountain biking and paddle boarding are just some of his passions.  The father of six also works as a pool technician spending a lot of time on his feet.  Despite two surgeries to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee,  he’s still in a lot of pain.

As his family wishes him well from the waiting room, Justin gets ready to become the first person in San Diego to receive a meniscus replacement.  He’s participating in a clinical trial underway at Grossmont Orthopedic Medical Group, one of only 10 sites in the country involved in the study.

Dr. Scott Hacker, a physician for the U.S. Olympic team will be performing the surgery.

“The pain after a meniscal injury can be very debilitating, it often feels like someone’s stabbing you in the knee with a knife,” said Dr. Hacker.

The meniscus is a cushion that sits between the thigh and leg bone, a shock absorber.

“So today we will be inserting an artificial meniscus that basically mimics the way a normal meniscus would work into Justin’s knee to replace that cushion and shock absorber and prevent his knee from developing arthritis as time goes on.”

Dr. Hacker says the hi-tech NUsurface implant is made of plastic that mimics the way a normal meniscus works. As with all implant surgeries, rejection or infection are possible complications.

The device has been used in Europe since 2008 with promising results.

“This is the treatment that patients come in asking for to put in between bones to cushion the joint and help me avoid knee replacement surgery and this is exactly that,” said Dr. Hacker “It’s a new option for younger, active patients with significant knee damage.

Dr. Hacker says Justin’s surgery went perfectly. He faces six weeks of physical therapy before he can return to his active lifestyle, hopefully pain free.

For more information in how to participate in the meniscus replacement study visit or call (844) 680-8951.

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