Healthy Living: FDA says certain type of breast implants linked to cancer

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- The safety of breast implants is in the spotlight again after the FDA issues new warnings about their link to a rare form of cancer. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the U.S.

Since 2011, the Food and Drug Administration has been tracking a disturbing trend:  rare cases of breast implant associated lymphoma.

The FDA will hold a public meeting next month to monitor known risks associated with breast implants.

Risks like implant rupture, capsular contracture—or scar tissue formation around the implant, autoimmune problems and a type of cancer linked to textured implants called “anaplastic large cell lymphoma.”

It’s been almost two decades since breast implants were seriously scrutinized for health problems.

Julie Lykins talks to KUSI’s Sandra Maas to raise awareness about the health risks associatedwith implants.

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