Healthy Living: Signs the eclipse might have damaged your eyes

So you watched the eclipse and you’re a little worried about your eyes. Maybe you accidentally looked at the sun for a second, or maybe you ignored the warnings of experts and looked directly at the celestial event without protective eyewear.

Google searches for "my eyes hurt" and "eyes hurt eclipse" spiked immediately after the event. Looking directly at the sun can cause solar retinopathy or retinal damage from exposure to solar radiation.

It can also cause photokeratitis, which is damage to the topmost layer of the cornea. It’s also known as snow blindness and is like a sunburn of the eye.

Sometimes symptoms of eye damage aren’t immediate, but if you are worried about your vision after the eclipse, here are some things to watch out for.

  • Blurred vision that doesn’t improve in one or both eyes, especially the central part of your visual field.
  • Wavy or otherwise distorted vision
  • Difficulty telling colors apart
  • Headache, pain or sensitivity to light
  • Seeing spots or holes in your vision

If you believe you’ve had an accidental exposure to the sun during the eclipse, you should immediately seek medical help.

If you used proper eclipse glasses to view the sun, you should be fine. If you didn’t use the glasses and are experiencing symptoms, go see an ophthalmologist who can perform a number of tests to determine if you have retinal damage. 

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