Healthy Living: Spring allergies

Springtime may bring beautiful flowers, green grass and budding trees, but for allergy sufferers it can mean weeks of feeling lousy from the pollen.

Allergy sufferer Winnie Wright says: :I typically wake up in the morning and have kind of a scratchy throat, my sinuses are filled up and a lot of times my eyes are swollen and red."

Allergy medicine may help with mild to moderate symptoms.

Dr Erinn Gardner, Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic says: "If you’re suffering from runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes I would recommend an antihistamine medication for your symptoms, but if nasal congestion is an issue than it’s a decongestant that may be more helpful."

And if you think ahead and start these meds before you even experience symptoms you may keep them away or reduce their severity.

When these efforts don’t seem to be helping it maybe time for allergy shots.

Dr Garnder says: "Allergy shots are nice in that they help you build immunity to the things you’re allergic too, so that over time we see a decrease in symptoms.:

It can also help to keep the windows closed and the a-c on to reduce your exposure to pollen.

Another tip – take a shower when you get in if you’ve been outdoors for awhile.

This will wash away excess pollen.

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