Helen Woodward Animal Center holds special fundraiser for dog severely abused by owners

RANCHO SANTA FE (KUSI) — The Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fe announced Monday that a special fund will support veterinary care for a 2-year-old Pointer-blend that was severely abused by his owner and neighbors, and survived a pit bull attack.

Named Dwayne "The Rock” for his steadfast strength and sweet disposition, the dog was rescued in Tijuana and brought to the center.

According to the rescuer, Dwayne’s owner bound the canine with a crude wire muzzle, kicked him and beat him with sticks. After the owner was jailed on an unrelated offense, the dog wandered the streets, where residents disgusted by his deformities threw stones and scalding water at him, the rescuer said.

Dwayne was also attacked by a pair of pit bulls. He was left with a deformed muzzle that made his breathing labored, and injuries to his front right leg and elbow, skin and coat.

The dog remains good-natured despite his his ordeal, according to center President and CEO Mike Arms.

"This beautiful dog took all the despicable abuse and neglect man can show to an animal, and still he wouldn’t turn on mankind,” Arms said. "Helping animals like this is at the heart of Helen Woodward Animal Center. This is what we stand for and we’ll do everything we can to care for him and protect him.”

People can make donations for the canine’s care via AnimalCenter.org/RescueDwayne.

Money raised will be used to enlist specialists who can provide Dwayne with reconstructive surgery, according to center officials. They said Dwayne’s injuries were so extensive, and projected veterinary costs so high, that none of the rescuers’ usual shelter contacts would accept him.

Dwayne is currently living with a foster family, and will be made available for adoption after he is fully recovered, according to the center.

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