Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Pet Bequest program

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – During these challenging times, many people are concerned about their pets and who would care for them if something should happen unexpectedly. 

Helen Woodward Animal Center is offering a pet bequest program that can ensure the lifetime care of your beloved pet if something were to happen and you were without someone in your family who would care for them.  

For the elderly, especially, a pet can be an incredibly important family member and one for whom planning can be all the more important because the pet may outlive its owner.

A common concern for pet owners is what will happen to their beloved pet if anything should happen to them?

While placement with a trusted family member or friend who may already know and love the pet is often ideal, sometimes this is not possible.  

To accommodate such cases, Helen Woodward Animal Center offers the Pet Bequest Program that allows an owner to bequeath their pet to the Center and enjoy the comfort of knowing their loving companion will have a safe place to go in the event the owner passes, or is no longer able to care for their pet.  

This is an unconditional acceptance program that will be in place for the pet’s lifetime with a designated gift through your estate plans.  

Those who chose this option find comfort in the fact that Helen Woodward Animal Center is a no-kill facility with the philosophy that animals are happiest in a loving home.  Your best friend will be in the loving hands of our adoptions staff until they are placed in a carefully screened adoptive home.

This program is limited to dogs and cats – primarily because these are the only two types of animals we adopt out.  

When you fill out your paperwork, you will see a long questionnaire about your pet’s likes and dislikes, favorite place to sleep, favorite food, their specific fears, any medical challenges, whether your pet likes children or other animals, how your pet signals when they need to go outside, and other traits unique to your pet.

Those who choose this program find comfort in knowing that the Center will have this information to make the pet as comfortable and happy as possible during a tough transition.  

Visit www.animalcenter.org  Please feel free to reach out to Renee Resko at 858-756-4117 X347 to arrange a private meeting and tour of our facilities.

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