Helpful “Nextdoor” app may also pose danger to communities

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – You may have heard of the “Nextdoor” app. People feel like it’s a safe place to get and share information with neighbors.

It has a lot of perks, but sometimes we might be too comfortable with the information we might post on there. Some people with bad intentions may be ready to take advantage of you from just around the corner.

Nirav Tolia, CEO and Co-Founder of Nextdoor, told KUSI he “realized that technology improved our lives in so many ways, we didn’t feel close to the communities in which we lived. We didn’t know our neighbors.”

Nextdoor is a place where you connect with neighbors, your real neighbors, via smartphones and laptops. It’s different than other social media sites because you can only be part of seeing the posts for your community.

KUSI’s Dani Ruberti has the details in this special report.


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