Hillcrest businesses beset by aggressive element of homeless

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Business owners in Hillcrest said it may not be the answer, but something had to be done about some aggressive members of the homeless community.

It’s one of the more popular eateries in Hillcrest, especially for breakfast. But Snooze, on Fifth Avenue, is experiencing what a lot of Hillcrest restaurants and other businesses are, a seemingly daily interaction with an element of the homeless who are younger and more aggressive and often travel in packs.

Business owners say that even if the homeless people aren’t entering the establishment, they are still sleeping and urinating in doorways or elsewhere on private property.

Which is why this week, two person walking patrols, became part of the Hillcrest environment. A security company called City Wide Protection Services patrols 24/7, at night, with a driver who is armed.

KUSI started documenting the homeless issue in Hillcrest a year ago, the increasing population and the Alpha Project getting involved in outreach.

But the pilot program was a mixed success at best and ended earlier this year.

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